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How Does Live Chat Work

Basically, to use the live chat features provided by greenchatland.com, all you need is a browser. You do not need to install any components or download any software. After successfully signing up, you will receive an email that includes a simple instruction of how to add a chat logo on your website. Some basic HTML code and script are necessary to make it work.

When your customers visit your website, they can click on a logo to start chatting or they can be invited. If they accept, a form will pop up to collect basic some information, such as their name, email or other customized field.

On the agent side, after agents logon to the greenchatland.com, they open a chat list of the specific project or department, such as billing etc., to see the current active chat request. A New chat request will play a phone ring to remind the agents the incoming request.

By default, the chat requests are displayed in a timely order and agents can answer them in this order. But they still have the options of prioritize them and answer more urgent request first.

The chat system allow an agent to transfer chat to other departmnent or project. And also an agent can choose to set to join mode, so other people from the agent side can join the chat to provide more support if necessary.

After chat is closed, chat history and visitor's GEO location are available for customer related research.

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