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  Live Chat - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to implement the live chat on my website?

Our live chat solution is all web-based. You need to add a HTML button or an image button to your website, and put a simple JavaScript section behind the button click event to open live chat screen.

2. Is there any monthly chat limit or domain limit if my organization orders your service?

No, the chat is unlimited and you can apply your chat service to unlimited domain as well, even for the value plan.

3. Can I use our organization logo for the live chat screen?

Yes, you can upload an image that will show at the top of the live chat screen. If you have no upload, we will use a well formatted text instead of an image.

4. Can I add a new department within my organization account?

Yes, you can add new departments to you organization, so your clients can be directed to different departments when they clicking start chat on your website. You can add agent seats to different department.

5. Can I add more users than the purchased seats?

Yes, you can add more users than your licensed seat number, but they will not be able to answer more chats than the number of licensed seats simultaneously. In others words it is the licensed seats that control the chat channels under your organization.

6. If my organization chooses to have more one department, can these departments have different plan?

Yes. For example, you can set one department as Value Plan, and set another one as Pro Plan or Enterprise. Just be aware that the departments with different plan will have different functionality and the plan is bound to a department.

7. If my organization chooses to have a value plan for one department, how many licensed seats can we add for the department?

You can add as many licensed seats as you want to.

8. How many roles are allowed in the chat system?

There are three roles. Agent can answer chat. Manager can access all data within his or her department, such as chat history(only available for pro plan and above). Admin can access all department’s chat data.

9. Is chat transferring the same thing as chat joining?

No, they are a little different. Chat transferring allows an agent to transfer a chat to different department and do not support multiple agents answering in same chat. After that, this chat belongs to the second department. Chat joining allows an agent to set the chat to join mode, so multiple agent can join in and chat. The chat does not change ownership. Both functionalities are only available to Pro and above.

10. What is a chat template?

The chat template allows users to create some predefined commonly used text or line for chat and it can save the agents typing time. When creating a link, please ask your web developer to use simple html link. Here is an example, <a href='http://www.google.com' target='_blank'>Google</a>

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