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Client Website Integration

Live Chat livechat Client Integration

Integrate your website with our live chat services. Give the supporting staff more leverage to access your customers profile and server them better. Great for sites with some kind of user credentials for their customers.

Chat History

Live Chat livechat Project management

By researching the chat history, you will know your customers geo location based on IP address, and view details browser information and find out more of their behavior.

Project Management

Live Chat livechat chat History

You can add unlimited projects to your organization, and select different chat plan for them based on different needs. You can also allocate people with different skill to them without overlap.

Chat Transfer

Live Chat livechat Control Chat Transfer

Allow transferring chat between different operators, different departments or projects, your customers can get better services from supports staff with different expertise.

Chat On/Off Control

Live Chat livechat Control

Manually control the live chat service time. Give the supporting staff more leverage and gain more productivity out of the flexible office hour.


Live Chat livechat Customization

Apply your own organization logo to live chat screen and customize the chat survey questions you would like for your customers.

Chat Template

Live Chat Template

The chat template allows users to create some predefined commonly used text or line for chat and it can save the agents typing time.

All Web-based/No Install Needed

All Web based Live Chat Livechat

The live chat service provided by Green Chat Land is all web-based. Everything it is secure and is stored in the cloud. No installation needed.

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